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How to join Travel Club


Grey Power NP has a Travel Club sub committee who from time to time organise day trips around Taranaki and its environs. Generally these trips are held once every 2 months. In addition the travel club will on occasions plan a longer trip which could be over a 3 to 5 day period. These trips are usually at a reasonable cost with good accommodation and meals included.


To join the Grey Power New Plymouth Travel Club you must first be a Grey Power member. As there is always a large number of members wishing to be included in the travel club, membership is "capped" and you may need to be placed on a waiting list for a time.  The travel club will contact travel club active members when a trip is planned to compile a list of people interested in inclusion on each trip.

Where to apply

When you become a new Grey Power NP financial member a completed application form is submitted and on this form is a check box where you may indicate your desire to be a travel club Member. No extra cost is involved to be a travel club member but there is a cost associated with each trip.

Travel Club Management Procedure

Grey Power members who have indicated a wish to join the travel club on their application form will have their contact details recorded in the Grey Power Travel Club register. As each trip is planned the travel club uses a ringing list to advise members of the date and details of the trip. Day trips are always on a Thursday, although which Thursday of the month chosen could be varied.

The ringing list is derived from the travel club register and organised in chronological order of members joining. Currently the ringing lists are required to be capped as there is an excess of members on the travel club register that can be catered for on each arranged trip. Whilst new members will be recorded on the travel club register they may need to be placed on a waiting ringing list. 

Periodically, the capped ringing list of members is reviewed and some registered travel club members who have not responded to recent trips offered may be removed from the ringing list. Members on the waiting list may then be moved (in chronological order) onto the travel club ringing list to enable prior contact regarding future trips planned. When a registered member has been moved from the waiting list on to the ringing list they will be contacted and advised.

To assist the Travel Club in keeping the database current, members who are registered with the travel club and no longer wish to be are asked to please advise any of the committee members or the Grey Power office to remove them from the travel club register. There is also an option when you renew your subscription to advise that you no longer wish to be a travel club member by ticking the appropriate box on the new application renewal form.

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