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Social Services

Grey Power believes all people in New Zealand should have access to and be accurately informed of all entitlements, initiatives or changes that affect them. Equal opportunity must exist in all areas of Social Services to ensure a fair and equitable standard of living for all.

Social Services Information

Ther are a range of Social Services available in New Plymouth. For further information go here.

Further instances of Social Services available in New Plymouth can be found here.

Social Housing

Social housing can be provided By The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for people who are most in need of housing for as long as they need it. Contact 0800 559 009 (if you're under 65) or 0800 552 002 (if you're over 65).

To be considered for social housing you must have a serious housing need and be able to show MSD - Housing Assessment that you've done everything you can to find somewhere to live.

You can take someone with you when you meet with MSD - Housing Assessment about your housing need.

If you can't speak English you can bring someone to interpret for you. MSD can find someone for you, or you may contact Citizen's Advice Bureau to find someone to assist you but please allow some time to organise this.


Grey Power is an advocacy organisation promoting the welfare and well-being of all those citizens in the 50 plus age group. 

Our mission is to be the appropriate voice for all New Zealanders.